Supporting our clients in resolving their customer payments.

With 15 years experience in the most challenging sectors , we 've protected both financial and reputational value by engaging respectfully and professionally with customer.

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What We Do

Our approach reflects our key values of empathy, compassion, tenacity and professionalism. By communicating in line with our key values, our teams maximise collections by keeping our clients and customers on board with the structured process of credit control and payment resolution. 

Consumer Debt Collection

Our specialist collection team contacts each customer by phone allowing for a personal approach that quickly identifies queries and disputes. We ensure that customers are treated respectfully and our approach secures engagement in resolving payment issues. We support our customers in understanding their capacity to pay alongside their normal household expenditure. Our ethical approach is reflected in our results based pricing structure. 

Commercial Debt Collection

Our specialist collection team contact each business by phone and objectively explains the current position and seeks to identify queries and disputes that may aid payment. We ensure that business customers are treated in a professional manner supplying relevant client documents where required. Explaining our client position clearly and communicating our process for collection has ensured that trading relationships are retained whilst payments are resolved. We charge fairly and our fees may be recovered from your customer.

Customer Tracing

We operate the latest in tracing and investigation software to rapidly locate transient customers. We use a range of legally compliant and verified techniques to cost effectively enable the collection process to proceed. Rapid location has been proven to greatly aid collection success.

Legal Debt Recovery

We have a broad panel of legal advisors ready to support an informed appropriate process should the case benefit on a cost effective basis. 

We have a network of over 220 agents that are able to take our instruction. The agents are fully trained and able to professionally and respectfully arrange for repayment of the debt whilst obtaining full financial details. When combined with our customer tracing methodology, communication of an agent visit can be beneficial to resolving payment.

Our Associations

We've built our platform over fifteen years whilst maintaining the highest standards. We are proud to be members of the associations below that are standard setters for the industry and proud to be the recommended debt collection agency for the National Association of Funeral Directors.

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We understand that we are representing our clients in their most valued relationships. It is vitally important to maintain trading relationships where possible. Our methodologies of open communication and a structured collection process maximises results whilst minimising reputational and relationship risks. Contact us to start the process of collecting your overdue customer payments.