Our Client Base

Our client base varies in scale and sector from industry leading corporates spanning the globe to small micro businesses operating within a small community. Our client base is united in a desire to treat people fairly, operate ethically and obtain a resolution for their payment issues. We engage with clients and customers on a personal but professional level to maximise collections. 

Micro Businesses

We understand that chasing payments can be a time consuming process which we have a highly structured approach that ensures that your customer is fully aware of the requirement to pay. We are mindful of the role community based businesses play and are sensitive and discrete in our duties whilst maintaining consistent engagement. Our results based fee structure means that there are no surprise hidden costs to worry about. We will not incur chargeable costs without your explicit instruction. 

Small to Medium Enterprises

Our professional and objective approach is often effective in taking the emotion out of payment discussions. Our rapid contact with the customer means that we can quickly identify , resolve or rebut queries. We ensure that payment resolution discussions do not have a negative impact upon your staff or your business. Our tracing capabilities mean fewer wasted calls and more effective collection activity. Our involvement often brings gravity to the situation which can often lead to a prompt payment. 

Large Corporates

We work alongside industry leading businesses to maximise collections upon challenging debts. Our support allows established collection teams to concentrate upon their priority relationships maximising the return upon customer contact activity. Our systems allow for frequent reporting and bespoke analysis when required. We are trusted to protect the reputation of all our clients and have been highly successful across a broad set of customer payment issues. Our teams hold themselves to the highest standards upon every call no matter how the issue has arisen or the background to the payment default.

Business to Consumer Relationships

Our staff are trained to act ethically and compassionately seeking to inform the consumer about the requirement to pay and become informed about the consumers capacity to pay. Respectfully asking consumers to pay is something our teams do everyday and our expertise removes the potential awkwardness of this discussion for our client. 

Business to Business

Our involvement often brings a gravity to proceedings that isnt always possible for all clients to communicate in their day to day dealings with valued customers. Our approach ensures that customers are aware of the requirement to pay , that the requirement is a pragmatic one and that a coherent structured process will be followed until payment is made.

Third Party Providers

Our credit control activities lend themselves well to third party providers of services to UK companies. These include Insolvency Practitioners who may require support in book debt collect outs or Credit Insurance Companies who use our local UK expertise to resolve payments and queries upon insured Imports into the uk.

Contact Our Team

We understand that we are representing our clients in their most valued relationships. It is vitally important to maintain trading relationships where possible. Our methodologies of open communication and a structured collection process maximises results whilst minimising reputational and relationship risks. Contact us to start the process of collecting your overdue customer payments.